We are what we eat. Everything that goes into our body becomes a part of us. Therefore it is no surprise that everything from our bodily functions, our state of mind and energy levels depend on it.

Although the gut-brain connection and the importance of gut microbiome are being discovered by research only now, this has been known for millennia through the ancient science of Ayurveda. By choosing our food wisely, it is possible to improve our productivity as well as foster a state of calm, balance and mental clarity. 

Is it possible to eat such food without divorcing your tongue? Of course! This is why we decided to collect these recipes on our website. Taste will always be a motivator. Rather than make it our enemy, we would be wiser to make it a friend. By making some informed choices, it is possible to eat food that is saatvic. 

So what does saatvic mean?

Ancient Vedic wisdom classifies food into three modes, or gunasGuna refers to property, attribute or quality. 

  1. Food in the mode of goodness fosters balance, peace and mental clarity
  2. Food in the mode of passion encourages ambition, greed, ego and dominance
  3. Food in the mode of ignorance causes lethargy, inertia and delusion

Saatvic food is food that is in the mode of goodness. The recipes on this website are a collection of tried and tested recipes for tasty, saatvic food.

And remember, something always has to die for something else to live. Even plants have life. Trivial as it may seem, acknowledging this and eating our food with gratitude and cognizance can go a long way in the way our body processes and assimilates what we eat.

Try out this saatvic diet, eat with gratitude and let us know your experiences through our feedback form or Facebook page.

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