For those who wish to progress beyond the basics, the Bhakti Sastri course presents an opportunity to take the plunge into deeper philosophy. This course presents an opportunity to explore ancient texts dating back more than 5000 years and to understand the science of Bhakti yoga from the original, bona fide source. 

In a steadily changing world, a lot of the culture and practices which sustained and propagated this knowledge have been lost to time. As a result, many of the contemporary courses merely focus on recitation of verses rather than interpreting their meaning or understanding their application in the modern context. There are few places left in the world where it is still possible to undertake a scrutinizing study of this ancient philosophy. 

Bhakti Sastri presents this ancient Vedic wisdom which has been preserved for generations and makes it available for people to read, understand and study it. This possibility would not have eventuated if the knowledge hadn’t been passed on through the process of succession from master to disciple for thousands of years. The Bhakti Sastri course presents this treasured philosophy in a logically structured, analytically dissected format. It not only facilitates the effective assimilation of information, but also ensures that it is interpreted and understood in the correct context. The concepts are presented in an easy-to-understand, interactive session with the goal of analytical study and practical application.

It is important to understand that Bhakti Sastri is not just a course. It is a title. The title is given to those who have not just understood this knowledge, but are practitioners who are actively implementing it in their lives.

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