Trees provide shelter and keep the air clean. They are a source of food to animals and insects. At the same time, they are strong enough to withstand the vagaries of the weather. But a tree is not grown in one day. A tree grows from a seed into a sapling that is sensitive and susceptible to the elements. It is nourished in the right environment. Watered at the right time. The end result is a healthy and strong being that thrives effortlessly in its environment while giving back to nature.

Similarly, the spiritual journey is also a step-by-step process. Just as a tree’s strength or an athlete’s fitness is progressively acquired, the path to real self-realisation involves practice and steady progress. It needs to be cared for and nourished until it eventually blossoms and becomes a boon not just for us, but for society as a whole.

The Journey of Self Discovery course creates the foundational platform upon which we take the next step to deeper spiritual knowledge about ourselves and the world. It enlightens us about the way the world works and why it works so, on topics that seemingly have no explanation. At the same time, it clarifies the basic and fundamental questions we may have so that they are no longer a distraction if we choose to explore the depths in detail.

The course is organised into four modules, beginning from the quest of human life to understanding why we experience the kind of circumstances that we do. The second module focuses on spiritual evolution, moving out of fear into love and eventually to seeing inward, which is the subject of subsequent modules.

The tiered approach to spiritual knowledge is intended to benefit  interested participants and ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of your time in every session. As all good and essential things should be, the Journey of Self-Discovery sessions are free to attend for your benefit. All we need to know is that you are interested.

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